Loved You or You Loved?

Is this love?

A guy on a sinking ship was confused:

Should he save the girl who loved him or the one he loved?

After thinking hard, he saved the one who loved him.

But he went back to drown with the girl he truly loved!

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide when it comes to choosing which one you'll choose to be with, will you choose the one that loved you, or choose the one you loved?


emily said...

love is give and take, if you hav 2 chose bet som1 hu lovs u nd d one u lov-dats not love at all!u shud lov d 1 hu luvs u nd d 1 hu lovs u shud luv u 2, then thats luv:D

kc curay said...

This is very confusing! don't know how to decide on this one..if I could save them both I'd do it so that nobody has to die. I agree with emily:)

Kimura said...

not hard for me because the one who loves me and the one I love is one person :D

Enes said...

Hahaha! nice one kimura! lucky for you coz they're the same person... tsk tsk tsk..

Hanid said...

huhuhuhuhuh...I've been through to this situation before, yeah its a hard thing to do, but still I go to the one I love...naks!

Nancy said...

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Getagirl said...

Wow! Now that's what I call true love. I would also choose to live with the one I love. There's no better feeling that to be with the person who makes you think that life is really worthy of sacrifice. :)

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