The Money Contest

Some years ago, a newspaper offered a prize for the best definition of money. Out of hundreds who competed, the winner submitted this piece:

"Money is a universal provider of anything but not happiness... And a passport to everywhere, but not in Heaven..."

Loyal Friends

Friendship is a special kind of love!
Flowers will die, waters will dry...

but a loyal friend will never say goodbye!!

Money can and can't


It can buy a House, but not a Home.
A clock, but not Time.
A Book, but not Knowledge.
Position, but not Respect.
Medicine, but not Health.
Blood, but not Life.
Heart, but not Love.

Reality of Pain

Maybe we don't want to admit how special something or someone is because we don't want to deal with the reality of pain when we lose it...

The lesson of love that takes a lifetime.

The greatest mistake that people do when they meet love... They try to posses it, demand it, expect it... And just like a wet soap squeezed in your hands, love will flee...

But if you open your hand, it will stay... For love is meant to be free, you can't change its nature... If you love someone, allow him/her to be free...

Give and don't expect, advice but don't order, ask but never demand... It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to practice...

Silence is a clue. . .

You don't have to defend yourself with your words.
Sometimes, your silence gives people a clue
that you have better thoughts in mind.

No reason. .

You love someone not because you want them to love you too.

But rather, you love them. . .

simply because, you found no reason not to. . .

Freedom. .

Freedom is something everyone wants to have at some point in time.
But then, we can't remain free always, because one day we'll realize,
to be with someone is much better, than freedom itself.

The Turtle story. . .

A turtle once taught me, that no matter how heavy his shell is, it's his choice to carry the luggage, for it is the only way he feels protected.

Hatred. . .

Hatred could be very consuming. And once you're consumed, it would be very hard to forgive. But forgiveness is the only way to heal.

God said: "Hate the sin but not the sinner."

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