I Miss You

- anata ga inakute sabishii desu -

- I'm missing you -

The Word "I miss you" is also part of the word "love". So when someone says "I miss u!", it also mean that they love you.


I am inexistent, but in the eyes of those who understand, I exist. I am evil, but to people who learned to dig deep within me, I became the definition of good. I am numb, but to a few whom learned to like and trust, I became the most sensitive person they ever knew. I am simple, yet complex. To the world I am nothing, but to the lives I've touched, I may be everything. In whatever way you may accept me, I'd still be WHO I AM.

Ten Craziest Things That A Person Would Do if S/He's Drunk

1. Crying without a reason.

2. Give advice to his another drunk friend.

3. Singing not in tune.

4. Call or text the ex-gf/bf talk nonsense things.

5. In love instantly at that moment.

6. Make the toilet a pillow.

7. Gallant in an instant.

8. Tell the story of life even to a stranger (feeling close).

9. English speaking even wrong grammar.

10. Will say 'I will never drink again' while vomiting.

Ever tried one?

A Bitter Dose of Reality

Here's a bitter dose of reality,

It takes a lot of good deeds for someone to love you, but it only takes one lousy error for them to hate you. Imagine doing all the good things for a, person, and when you do a little wrong, they would lost trust on you.
Life for some reason is unfair. But thats how life goes, better make ourselves used to it and and be happy with life even others hate you. After all, they do not feed you with your everyday food.

Fake Friends and Real Friends, Know Who's Who!

Do you who's fake or not? Who's plastic and not? Here's some clue.

Fake friends never ask for food. Real friends are the reason why you have no food. Fake friends bail you out of jail. Real friends sit next to you saying, 'We messed up, but it's fun!'. Fake friends would knock on your front door. Real friends walk in and say, 'I'm home!'. Fake friends will talk shit behind your back and spread it around. Real friends beat the crap out to those who talked shit about you.

Now do you know who your friends really are?

Love, A Double Edged Sword

You'll only realize that you truly love the people around you if they have caused you enormous pain ang heartaches...
Your enemies, whether percieved or known, can never hurt you the way your loved ones can... It is the people closer to your heart that can give it the most piercing wound...
Love is a double edged sword, it can either heal the wound faster, or sink the blade even deeper...

Selfishly Sweet, a "Precious Time" Related Story

A guy was dying of cancer and one of his friend ask, "Why do you keep on telling people that you're dying of AIDS?". The guy replied, "So that when I'm dead, no one will dare to touch my girl unless the person loves her so much.".

If you have seen the Japanese series "Precious Time", you would probably relate to the story above.

The story was about a girl name Masaki, a 16-year-old high school girl who was an avid fan of Keigo, a sensation song composer. In the story, Masaki lost their tickets to the concert of Keigo's band. In order to get enough money to buy the tickets, Masaki engaged in a night of sexual intercourse with a stranger.
After the concert, Masaki found a way to meet Keigo, the two became friends because they have the same way as they view life. Keigo then begun to love Masaki because she was the only one who understand the meaning of Keigo's songs.
Just as their love starts to bloom, Masaki finds out that she was positive of HIV virus, and probably would develop to AIDS. But even on the condition of Masaki, Keigo loves her unconditionaly. What will happen to thier love? Tonight, at ABS-CBN televesion will be the last episode of this JDorama, Jan. 9, 2009, 10:30pm Philippine time. Watch out!

Rose the Other Way Around

You complain because roses have thorns, or you can rejoice because thorns have roses. Complain because you have problems, or rejoice because problems have you. Complain because you were born ugly, or rejoice because ugly have you. Complain because you are poor, or rejoice because rich people will not be called rich if there is no you. You see, even the bitter side you, see it the other way around, and you'll forget that life is still wonderful, because you are important.

Chicken Soup #1

Share a little love whenever you can. Do a little favor to someone. If possible, never refuse a simple request. A little kindness is never forgotten. It always has a place of appreciation even to the hardest of hearts.Imagine how much warmth and tenderness it would add to everyone's heart - if everyone would care to share.

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