A Though to Ponder: Love When Ready, Not When Lonely

A thought to ponder...

"Love when you're ready... Not when you're lonely..." Many us don't realize or don't know when to love. Sometimes our loneliness makes our mind stressful and want to find ways to carry the burden, the heartaches. We forget that we actually hurting someone. Making that person an aide to the lost love. We have to think that, to heal a broken heart we need, time and space for ourselves. Time to enjoy life by doing other things that are productive. Don't forget that pain just passes by.

The 2nd though that I would like to share.

"Don't choose a candy if you won't buy it anyway... in other words, don't be too sweet if you don't have plans to love the person..."
Humans are made to be sweet. And their are some people that misunderstand some sweetness to the extent that they lose control and fall in love to that sweet person. You may be sweet, but don't overdue it cause you might get yourself in trouble.

1 comment:

whibley said...

i do agree with you..sometimes people just do the sweet talking without loving..

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