Kindness Over Pride

"Being kind is much more important than being right. For sometimes, what a person needs is not a brilliant mind that speaks, but a patient heart that listens."

We are often take over by our pride and never hear for reasons, because we are blinded. Sometimes, we do not accept the fact that we are wrong because in ourselves, we think that we are always right. indeed, sometimes it is not necessary to always use our head, we also need to use our heart. There are times that what the eyes doesn't seen, sees by the heart.


kc curay said...

To be kind is indeed better than to be proud, understanding and patience is better than a clouded judgement. However, it is also not right to always be kind and understand people even if what they are doing to you is not right anymore.

emily said...

Nicely put, many always forget kindness when their ego is touched.A kind and patient person is truly strong at heart.

Joyce G. Emor said...

Very inspiring words. Keep it up.

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