Selfishly Sweet, a "Precious Time" Related Story

A guy was dying of cancer and one of his friend ask, "Why do you keep on telling people that you're dying of AIDS?". The guy replied, "So that when I'm dead, no one will dare to touch my girl unless the person loves her so much.".

If you have seen the Japanese series "Precious Time", you would probably relate to the story above.

The story was about a girl name Masaki, a 16-year-old high school girl who was an avid fan of Keigo, a sensation song composer. In the story, Masaki lost their tickets to the concert of Keigo's band. In order to get enough money to buy the tickets, Masaki engaged in a night of sexual intercourse with a stranger.
After the concert, Masaki found a way to meet Keigo, the two became friends because they have the same way as they view life. Keigo then begun to love Masaki because she was the only one who understand the meaning of Keigo's songs.
Just as their love starts to bloom, Masaki finds out that she was positive of HIV virus, and probably would develop to AIDS. But even on the condition of Masaki, Keigo loves her unconditionaly. What will happen to thier love? Tonight, at ABS-CBN televesion will be the last episode of this JDorama, Jan. 9, 2009, 10:30pm Philippine time. Watch out!

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